Scattering the rose seeds.

Name: Tsukasa
Position: Ex-drummer of D'espairsRay / member of The Micro Head 4N's
Date of Birth: March 6
Blood type: B
Height: 171cm / 5'6"
Weight: 49kg / 107 lbs.

When first discovering the band D'espairsRay, Tsukasa never really stood out to me honestly. With attention-grabbers such as Hizumi and Karyu in his band, he would be a little more in the background. The first time I really paid him the attention he deserved is when I saw the band live in 2006. The skill he demonstrated on stage was awe-inspiring and caught my attention immediately. Without Tsukasa, D'espairsRay would never have been the same and would never have meant so much to me. Their music is incredibly nostalgic for me, and without Tsukasa, this particular music would not exist.
As Lis says: The first impression I ever had of Tsukasa was probably a rather stereotypical reaction that most fans have to visual kei and/or jrock drummers: I regarded him, on surface, as the strong and silent type. As I became more and more familiar with D'espairsRay and their catalog of work, I grew to see other (more prominent and unique) sides to the musician. I discovered that he's quite the artist - he's said that one of his hobbies is drawing, and you can commonly see his work featured in magazines and on the band's official site. When it comes to media and publicity, Tsukasa is generally more straightforward and reserved than the rest of his bandmates. Tsukasa is such a vital part of D'espairsRay, and I am constantly in awe by the music he has composed; particularly the track Hai to Ame from the album Coll:set - WOW.

Although it is not perfect...

In Vain originally came into existence in 2006. It was owned at the time by a talented girl named Lis. When it came time to give the fanlisting up, rather than losing its members list, she chose to adopt it out. Now, it is is my hands :) I chose to keep the original name because I love the song it is named after and I wanted the title to remain what Lis had named it. She put a lot of time and love into this fanlisting, and now it is my turn to do the same :)