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Hello and welcome to In Vain, the TFL approved fanlisting for the amazingly talented Japanese musician Tsukasa. He is best known as the drummer of the now disbanded D'espairsRay, though he and Zero have formed another project called The Micro Head 4N's. This fanlisting was adopted from the amazing Lis on July 3, 2012. Thank you so much! If you are a fan of Tsukasa, his work in D'espairsRay, or his work in The Micro Head 4N's, please join this fanlisting :) Thanks for dropping by, and enjoy your visit!
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Welcome to the list, Sabrina!

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The current layout features an image of Tsukasa when as he appeared in D'espairsRay. I absolutely loved the colors in this picture, as well as the pose, so I made the colors more vibrant and slapped this together. I actually like it - it is pretty reminiscent of my old style back when I was obsessed with his band. It feels nostalgic for me :) Resources used are from: 99mb, FEEL, and urbanstrokes@lj.

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